Bracket & Pole for Wall Hanging Tapestry

We picked these up from the powder coaters yesterday. They were designed for a wall hanging tapestry we’ve got at home – the two brackets fix to the wall and the pole rests on top much like a curtain pole. The brackets were cold forged by hand, and two solid balls welded to either end of the pole. I really like the classic simplicity of the design. We wanted a ¬†more ‘blacksmithed’ looking finish to it, so we had them powder coated in matt black rather than the satin we normally use. You can’t tell properly from the photo but I think it looks really classy and I’ll definitely be using this again. This is a one off piece but if we were to start selling them, the cost would be around ¬£25 – if you are interested in this or anything similar please enquire.

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