Dog Weathervanes

We are currently producing a range of weathervanes and house signs based on dogs. We can produce a design like this for any breed, and are happy to work from a photo of your pet.

The circle design on the letter bars was a bit of an experiment – I wanted to try different alternatives to the standard weathervane scrolls. I think it really works, giving a more modern feel to the design.

For a medium weathervane like this we charge £180 – this includes the required fixing bracket and postage. We can also produce a miniature version for £99 –  these are ideal for fixing to a shed or garage, and are available now in the Black Fox online shop.

2 thoughts on 'Dog Weathervanes'

  1. The addition of the stick is a lovely touch – it makes the dog come alived somehow. Most weathervanes don’t do this. Have you thought of doing any other animals?

    • Thanks! Yes, we are constantly expanding our range of weathervanes and house signs. I am currently working more on classic car designs as we have a show coming up in August, but we would be happy to create a design based around any animal. Suggestions welcome!

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