Triumph Bonneville

Here is an example of a custom order. This photo was sent in by a customer wanting a weathervane based on this photo of a rather beautiful motorbike. The first job is to turn the image from a photo into a dxf – basically a line drawing on the computer that a laser cutter will recognise. It took hours due to the amount of detail involved! Once the customer is happy, we then send the design off to be laser cut, which generally takes about a week. When the laser cut profile comes back to us, we TIG weld it all together, balancing the motif correctly to ensure it functions as a working weathervane. It can then be sent to be electroplated and powder coated. You can see the finished result below! Really pleased with how its come out – its amazing the detail a good laser cutter can get. I especially love where ‘Triumph’ is written on the tank. We really enjoy producing custom orders – its always a challenge working out a good design that the customer will be happy with, and it enables us to expand the range of weathervanes we can offer. This design can now also be used for a house sign or hanging basket bracket.

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