Art Nouveau Metalwork

I’ve found some really beautiful railings in my Art Nouveau Decorative Ironwork book. It doesn’t give much detail other than that they are in France and the architect is M. Porche. I can’t find any information about him online, its a shame as id be really interested to see some of his other work. I love the way the majority of the design is quite simple and understated, then you get to the top and the butterflies really stand out. ┬áThis gate and railings has inspired me to work on a butterfly themed design for a decorative metal house sign. I’m looking forward to visiting the Manchester museum where they have a huge collection of butterflies – hopefully I’l get some good ideas there.

3 thoughts on 'Art Nouveau Metalwork'

  1. Yes, they are butterflies. Can’t imagine how long this must have taken without modern plasma or laser cutting machines!

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