Black Fox Gallery Competition

We are keen to build up a gallery of products insitu – I really enjoy seeing the things we have made being used and enjoyed. We are asking all customers to please send in a photo of their Black Fox product for the chance to win a £30 voucher at the end of the year. Our favourite photo wins! These are the first two to come in, purchased recently by a customer in Cheshire. I particularly like the Obelisk photo – its great to see how it compliments this garden.  I’d be interested to see the Obelisk again next summer when the plants have had a chance to grow up it.

4 thoughts on 'Black Fox Gallery Competition'

  1. The obelisk weathervane is my favourite so far: it looks perfect in its garden setting. Are you planning on extending the range to include other garden features?

    • Thanks, we’re really pleased with it too! Yes we are currently working on designs for a garden arch, we want to produce something a bit different and of a much higher quality than the standard garden arches you can buy in any garden centre. Possibly with a weathervane on top, what do you think? And we’d love to produce a pergola too, though we’re really busy at the moment so this may have to wait until spring. Any other ideas for garden features please let us know!

        • We actually had an enquiry about a sundial very recently and yes we’d love to make one! As all of our products are so far powder coated matt black, we’d have to look into other finishes, but I’m sure this wouldn’t be a problem. We could also look at engraving the detail. Plenty to think about but really looking forward to this project!

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