Hand Painting Our Signs

Today I’ve been painting the lettering on our Art Deco swinging sign. We chose a font in a similar style, which I drew on in pencil. Took ages getting it right! I then sanded the powder coated surface using a tiny Dremel attachment in order to give the primer something to stick to. I’ve used a red oxide primer, I actually think the lettering looks really good in red – this might be something to try on another sign? This didn’t take too long to dry, so I then did the first coat in cream. It is still drying now, so will have to finish it tomorrow. I can definitely see why some companies use vinyl stick on lettering, as this process was very time consuming and quite difficult, but its more durable this way and I think the hand painted looks so much classier.  I’m really pleased with how its turned out; the lettering really compliments the Art Deco style of the Morgan and its bracket. Available now (with hand painted text of your choice) in our online shop.

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