Obelisk Weathervane

This is our Black Fox Obelisk. Made from solid square and round bar, it is stable and built to last. It is both a functional and decorative garden feature, with the weathervane on top giving it a unique twist. It was hard work to produce Рmaking 3 perfect hexagons was a challenge, as was bending each curve to exactly the same shape. We spent some time looking into the idea of decoration in copper wire, and experimenting with plasma cutting leaf shapes. After much debate, we decided to leave the obelisk design quite plain as we felt this would compliment the plants that it will eventually support. It is finished with a matt black powder coating as standard, giving this piece the understated look of classic black iron work. We can produce an obelisk with any weathervane motif Рif you are interested please contact us to discuss your ideas. Available now in our online shop!

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