Samba Backpack Frame

We recently received an enquiry from a customer asking if we could produce a frame for a Samba dancing costume. It’s not the kind of thing we normally do but here it is! We used 4mm steel rod to keep it light, which was interesting because I’m not really used to working with such thin material. Easy to bend into shape but not so easy to weld as its so delicate. Its just come back from the electroplaters, and I’m really looking forward to seeing it decorated!

2 thoughts on 'Samba Backpack Frame'

    • Hi Daiana,
      We are more than happy to make another of these samba backpacks. This design was done to a customers specification and design and another can be produced for £60 but obviously we welcome any design changes to suit your requirements.
      We are based in Failsworth Lancashire, if it is convenient for you, you can pick it up, if not however we can arrange postage.


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