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Black Fox are keen to expand our range of Art Deco inspired metalwork. Inspired by the classic design of the Morgan car, we began experimenting with this distinctive style. Beginning in Paris in the 1920’s, the Art Deco movement spread worldwide throughout the 1930’s and into the 40’s, influencing all areas of design from graphics to architecture. The geometric elements of this style clearly take inspiration from Cubism and Futurism, while I think also retaining the elegance of Art Nouveau.

It is this combination of elegance with decorative geometric shapes that I think makes Art Deco metalwork so stylish. Here’s a few images that I feel have influenced Black Fox’s range of weathervanes, hanging basket brackets, window boxes and swinging signs. Please check out the Art Deco designs in our online shop.

In particular if you look at the stamp image above, you can see how this classic sun motif inspired us to design and create our Art Deco hanging basket bracket.

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