Classic Car Weathervane Banner

This is our Black Fox Banner! We’ve had it printed to draw attention to our stand at the Tatton Park show, where we will be exhibiting our range of classic car weathervanes and house number number signs on the weekend of 18th August. Our classic car weathervane can be found here in our online shop.

2 thoughts on 'Classic Car Weathervane Banner'

  1. The motorised weather vanes look really good though not sure that they are really the ‘vehicle’ for my 13 year old Nissan.

    • Indeed Major Riley as much as we would be more than happy to make a weathervane based around such a car I agree it is unlikely anyone would request one, however we could make a weathervane based around literally anything. As such for someone like yourself we could maybe make a weathervane reflecting a passion for military history, perhaps a motif based on a Vickers machine gun or perhaps some form of memorial to fallen comrads.

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