Bespoke Flower Arranging Stands

This is one of several bespoke flower arranging stands we are producing for a customer in Cheshire. It is 4ft high, and can be dismantled for easy transportation. The base and top are identical, and are joined by four lengths of square hollow section. It is Tig welded, and will be electroplated later in the week, when we go to pick up several house signs and hanging basket brackets we dropped off last week.

The main difficulty I had with this job was welding the 1.2mm thick metal to the 10mm square bar – when the amps were too high the thinner material burnt through, but if they were too low the thicker metal did not melt enough to form a decent weld. So it took a while getting it right – holding the torch at the correct angle so that most of the heat went into the thicker metal was key here. We are really pleased with the results – looks very professional and should last for years.

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