Art Nouveau House Number Plate

This is our Art Nouveau house number plate in it’s various forms. I’ve put this up because when looking at it pre – electroplating and powdercoating, it occurred to me how good it would look in stainless steel. A modern twist to this Art Nouveau inspired design. At least one of our regular laser cutters will engrave into stainless, I’ll try to get a quote for it this week and see if it is something we could realistically offer.

The number 12 and 54 have come back from being electroplated and powder coated today. Phiz lightly sanded the surface to give the red primer something to stick to, and I’m just about to paint the first coat of cream. I think it looks great in red too – I really like this design and would love to experiment with the colours we are using. I’ve actually just re designed this as a rectangle in order to fit a house name in the centre, it’s being laser cut this week.

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