Floral Art Stands

Floral Art BasketCollapsible Floral Art Stand

Extendable Floral Art StandWe have launched the new section on our website, Floral Art Stands!  We already have several bespoke orders and enquiries, which will be added to the site and available for purchase over the coming weeks.

All of our floral art stands are electroplated to prevent rusting, and can be powder coated matt black if required. They are also TIG welded; this method of welding is neater and more precise, and therefore far less noticeable than the more commonly used MIG.

We visited the Southport Flower Arranging show back in July, there were some fantastic designs on display there – please have a look at this earlier post to see the kind of things these stands can be used for!  We are really excited about expanding our range of flower arranging stands and frames so please contact us on 0161 681 4293 to discuss your ideas.

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