Weathervanes in Wasdale Head

Weathervanes in CumbriaCat & Bird Weathervane in CumbriaA beautiful place to be selling our weathervanes and house signs!  We spent Saturday at the Wasdale Head Agriculture show, and Sunday at a small craft fair in Penrith, which was thankfully an indoor event.  Wasn’t the most profitable weekend ever but easily covered our costs, met some really nice people and had a fantastic couple of days.  The location of the show was stunning, and we especially enjoyed watching the Terrier racing.  Orders from the weekends events included a Triumph house sign, a new design of coat hooks, and a weathervane with our cockerel, hen and chicks design.  The craft fair was a really quiet event which was a shame because there were some very talented people there.  But was at least warm and dry for a change!

So today we have a few orders to pick up from the powder coaters and send out before the end of the day – really looking forward to seeing the Harley Davidson weathervane complete!

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