Bespoke Business Signs

Bespoke Business SignThis bespoke business sign was designed and made for ‘Little Caterpillar’, a child minding business in Bolton. It was ordered at a craft fair at the Reebok Stadium a couple of weeks ago. We redesigned the bracket for the customer as they weren’t too keen on the scroll design we previously offered with this product. We also welded the hoops closed, making the sign as difficult to steal as possible. It’s the first in our range of hand painted in colour designs. I’ve used a coat of primer, then white undercoat, followed by several layers of outdoor paint so will be very durable and weather resistant.

We can produce a bespoke miniature business, house or farm sign, in colour or just as a black silhouette, with any design in place of the caterpillar – please contact us for a quote.

Hand Painted Business Sign

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