Capesthorne Hall, Cheshire

Capesthorne Hall, CheshireOrnate Wrought Iron GatesThis beautiful stately home in Cheshire is where we spent our weekend. Despite being a really busy event, it was far from being our most successful show, but we have taken a few orders and will be working on some new bespoke metalwork designs over the next few days.  We exhibited our classic car weathervanes here over summer where we were rained on all day, so was nice to be inside a heated marquee.  Orders include an Alsation House Sign, a miniature swinging sign with our black fox logo design, and another bespoke house name plate with the design yet to be decided. I managed to have  a quick look around the grounds this weekend, I’m glad I did because there is some fantastic Ironwork. These gates are a bit over the top for my personal taste – there can’t be many houses grand enough to suit them, but the amount of work that must have gone into them is very impressive.

I also managed to make a lot of progress with some of the hand painted farm and business signs we’re working on at the moment – the paint dried much quicker here than it has been doing in our freezing cold workshop!

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