Vintage Motorcycle House Sign

Vintage Motorcycle House SignThis vintage motorcycle house sign is one of our favourite designs. It’s based on a Velocette KSS 350 with fishtail exhaust. It was a bespoke design done for a customer we met at an agriculture show in September. The detail, especially around the spokes is fantastic, and you can even see the shape of the cooling fins on the engine. As always the name is hand painted on, with a layer of primer followed by several coats of outdoor white. We’re really proud of this design and think it would make ¬†fantastic gift for anyone with an interest in old bikes.

Busy day today ¬†– ¬†several things to finish making, including a miniature swinging sign with a Mustang design, before we drop a Lion weathervane off with a customer in Mobberley, Cheshire. And then we’re exhibiting at the Bridgewater School craft fair in Worsely on Sunday.

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