Large Swinging Farm Sign

Large swinging signWe made this large bespoke swinging farm sign last week. It’s 2 ft by 3 ft, and will sit on a 10 ft high pole. Weighs quite a lot! The design is based on our customers beautiful gates made by a local Blacksmith. I originally began by working from images of traditional wooden countryside gates, but when we saw these we thought they are such a distinctive feature of the farm that they should be incorporated into the design. We hope to get the sign back from the electroplaters in the next day or so, when I’l be able to begin the hand painting of ‘Whitegate Farm’.

We’ve actually got another couple of smaller swinging signs to weld up today – one with a little dinghy on it and the other is a bespoke design of a horse, similar to our Black Fox Metalcraft swinging sign. It’ll be displayed at some stables near Worsely, Manchester.


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