Our New Metalcraft Display

Black Fox Display Stand at Worsley

Black Fox Metalcraft Display Board

Our new display stand for 2013! We painted the main board cream which sets off the black metalwork nicely & allows the the detail to stand out from a distance. Most of the display pieces are new;  we’ve chosen the most popular designs such as the ‘Gun Dogs’ and Fox Bracket, and our personal favourites –  the Velocette and Swallows. There’s a couple of other items with the powder coaters this week, which should be ready for Arley Hall at the weekend, and we’ve got plenty of ideas for improvements in time for some of the bigger agriculture events over summer.

The photo doesn’t show it but the weather was actually quite nice and bright for the Worsely show on Saturday, and we saw quite a busy morning as a result. It was the first farmers market held at the garden centre, but they had some quality stalls and considering it is not an established event, the turn out was quite good. It was pretty much the most local show we have done to date, and was great to see some friends & family coming out to see us.

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