Swinging Sign Coarse Fishing


Given the growing popularity of our miniature swinging signs, we’ve added a fishing design to our ever expanding show display. ¬†Available with a post fixing, for mounting to horizontal surfaces, or a wall mounting bracket for vertical surfaces. I think they’re quite popular because they don’t look out of place on a normal house – they’re a traditional style swinging sign without being too ornate or grand for a normal suburban house. We’ll be picking up two more new designs from the powder coaters today; a very pretty ‘Pegasus’ design, and a large Dressage Horse sign, with a similar design to our ‘Clifton House Farm Sign‘. Looking forward to painting them, especially Pegasus as I love this new design. Will post it tomorrow!

We’ve also been making a very special new piece of indoor wall art, which I will also post when it is in a more finished state. Very busy week hence the lack of posts – we were back at Arley Hall on Sunday for a small plant fair, and then this weekend we’re at the Riverside steam fair near Southport. Should be a really good weekend, we’re camping and I know there is a beer tent and the Lancashire Hot Pots are playing too. And on top of the shows every weekend, we’ve had several bespoke weathervanes to design and make, and I’ve been painting our first ‘Cockerel Hen and Chicks’ in colour.

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