Pixie Weathervane In situ

Black Fox Gallery Photo Black Fox Gallery PhotoOne of our recent customers has sent in these photos of her new weathervane in situ. It was a birthday present from her partner, and the design is her company logo, the ‘Potted Pixie’, so as much as we love the design, they won’t be available for sale through our website. These are both fantastic images; I love the setting in the garden, and the reflection in the greenhouse roof. ┬áIt’s the first photo we have of our post fixing in use too.

So we’ve been busy again this week with final preparations for next weeks Cheshire County show. I’ve painted some new display items including a wall mounted Spitfire sign ‘Sky Fold’, and a little fox design that we’ll put outside the workshop when it’s no longer in use. There’s several orders we’re hoping to get sent out today too, including a Boat Weathervane, a Morgan Weathervane, and a couple of sheepdog farm signs.

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