Vintage Lawnmower Weathervane

Bespoke Weathervane imageProbably our most unusual bespoke weathervane design so far.. a vintage lawn mower! The customer has a collection of over 300, dating back as early as the mid 19th century. We met them at the Chipping steam rally, where he had several on display. When doing this design I read a bit into early lawnmowers; it hadn’t occurred to me that the invention of the lawnmower made field sports like cricket possible for ordinary people. This design is based on quite an early model, but is not one specific one as I worked from several images in order to get the angle and important details right. I think the long grass in front of the mower is really effective, and I have tried to keep the gentleman using the mower in typically old fashioned clothing. We love the design but not sure we will ever sell another!


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