Bespoke Metalwork Dog Crate

Dog Jail PhotoA bright orange Phiz putting the last welds on this bespoke Dog Crate, or Dog Jail as it has become known. It is extra heavy duty at the request of the customer, and when the chequerplate floor is in, it will probably weigh more than I do. The customer’s dog has apparently cracked welds and bent bars in order to break free from two standard dog crates, so asked us to produce this one. It feels incredibly over engineered and I don’t think I could get out of it so hopefully the dog won’t be able to find a way !

So while the Dog Jail has been in production, I’ve been doing another hand painted weathervane; this time a Morgan in Connaught Green. Just got the grille, lights and spoked wheels to do and then I’ll post it online, is looking good so far though.. Also just adding the finishing touches to a small E Type Jaguar swinging sign; this one is a series one roadster.

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