Citroen DS Weathervane

Hand Painted weathervaneClose Up Weathervane PhotoJust finished painting this Citroen DS weathervane this morning! The customer sent us a photo of their car to work from. Took ages but we love it; I think this unusual looking car really suits the hand painting. We’ve only done a few weathervanes in colour so far, but I think this is definitely my favourite. I’m also half way through painting a Morgan in Connaught green to match another customers car.. plus loads of design work to be getting on with as well, including a Tank and a Flat Coated Retreiver, both for weathervanes.

Tractor Weathervanes and Signs

A couple of new Tractor metalwork designs to be added to the website today.. A New Holland house number sign and a Fordson Major weathervane. Both of these started off as one off custom designs for people; the New Holland was an enquiry through the website and the Fordson was someone we spoke to at the Cheshire show.Fordson Major Weathervane Tractor Name Sign

I’ve spent a bit of time over the last couple of days updating the House and Farm signs section of the website as it was getting a bit chaotic and disorganised with the number of new designs we’ve produced. Let us know what you think by commenting on this post – we want to make the website as easy to navigate and as user friendly as possible! As we grow further over the coming months we’ll probably add subcategories too, as we have with the weathervanes. We’ve got a magazine advert coming out tomorrow in ‘Homes and Gardens’ Magazine, so hopefully will get plenty of work from that to keep us busy..