The world’s strongest dog crate?

Photo of Dog crate in situ Dog JailWe dropped this extra heavy duty dog crate off with a customer in Manchester yesterday. Outside her house was the remains of their previous dog crate, which the dog had pretty much destroyed in order to make her escape. It was a lovely dog called Daisy, like a well built whippet, she was ten years old and really affectionate; we couldn’t believe the damage she had done to the house! A dishwasher related flood had been the last straw, and the owner contacted us about making this dog jail. The frame is 3mm thick steel box section, with 8 mm bars supported by 5 mm flat bar. It is TIG welded everywhere that it possibly could be, so that there is no flex in the bars at all. Weighing in at about 70 KG, it is not very transportable, but in making it lighter, we would also be making it easier to escape from. We looked online at what is out there in terms of heavy duty dog crates; one American site described theirs as being ‘the strongest dog crate in the world’, but when we looked into it, it was made from incredibly flimsy hollow bars and weighed about a quarter of what ours does. Not good considering how much they were charging..

Anyway we really hope this bespoke heavy duty dog crate allows Daisy’s owner to keep her without any further damage being done!

One thought on 'The world’s strongest dog crate?'

  1. Hi I’m in real need of a very very very strong dog crate asap
    About 3 foot wide and 2 foot high its for a Staffordshire bull terrier

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