Bat Weathervane

Bat Weathervane PhotoAnother new design for the end of last year; a Bat weathervane. The customer sent over a photo of the Bat weathervane on top of a castle in Northumberland, it was a really beautiful  cast & gilded sculpture. No idea how long it has been there or who made it, but the customer asked for something similar but more suitable for mounting to a garage. When doing the design, I started by drawing several whole bats, but quickly discovered that Bats are not symmetrical, so this design is actually made up of the same half Bat mirrored. We offered this one, and also a less ornate design. The customer chose this one, which we  were pleased about. The tail is also a new design, done especially for this weathervane.. We also discussed the option of gilding it, like the Northumberland castle weathervane, but in the end decided that the detail in the design would make gilding an extremely fiddly job and therefore quite expensive for what it is.


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