Bespoke Light Box : English Rose Design

Light Box Image Photo of light box Finished light box photo Rose Design Light box ImagePossibly our most challenging project of 2013; a large scale bespoke light box. The design of this light box is based on the bespoke swinging business signs we produced for a property developer in Buckinghamshire over summer. The idea for the light box was theirs, and thankfully they had their own electrician to wire it in. It was made as three parts so that the layer of zinc electroplate could get everywhere; the laser cut front panel, the back piece and the outer frame. The back piece was powdercoated white so as to reflect the light better. As the three parts bolted together, we had to make sure all the holes drilled were exactly in line, which is more difficult than it sounds! We also had to ensure that the outer frame fitted perfectly over the inner frame, so it took ages making sure everything was as precise as it needed to be. I love this design, and hope to get some photos of this light box in situ, preferably at night to get the best view of it. I think its a really interesting new product and would love to produce some more light box designs in the near future.

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