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So we had an extremely busy few weeks in the run up to Christmas! Hope you all had a good one and Happy New Year and all that. Loads of exciting new designs & products not yet on the website that I’ll post in the coming days / weeks… plus photos of our products insitu and some lovely emails from happy customers. It was a very exciting time for us as the phone didn’t stop ringing, but were really glad of the time off over Christmas so we could catch up on some sleep.

Here’s one of the projects that we were working on during the last few months of 2013; our first piece of Industrial scrap metal wall art. Its quite a departure from the sort of work we normally do, both in terms of style and materials used. As such it was a challenge in many respects, but both we and the customers are delighted with the end result, and we look forward to another similar project.

It is made largely from scrap material we had lying around in the workshop, from box section and chequerplate to large rusty bolts, copper wire and even part of an old ray burn. The piece as a whole explores the contrast in colours and textures shown by different metals. Up close you can see grind marks and other textures; I basically left the back pieces in the workshop to be treated like a workbench top for a couple of months, so its got a lot of character to it. You see more of this as the light hits it from different angles too. The only piece that was made especially is the bit of stainless steel in the middle; we think its clean, shiny texture contrasts beautifully with the industrial looking, gun metal grey of the back pieces.

We also used a smaller piece of stainless as a background for the number above the door. The number itself I made from off cuts of mild steel box section, which has blued nicely from welding. The numbers are removable, and the fixings are hidden beneath them. The whole piece (excluding the stainless steel) has been powdercoated clear, which enhances the natural colours and textures of the metal, but also protects it from rust.

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