Pub Style Sign

Pub Sign PhotoHere’s the finished sign we did for the Italian restaurant in Cheshire! We went to drop it off last week and they had already concreted the 15 ft pole into the ground, which looks fantastic and importantly feels very secure. The restaurant name means ‘The Old Village’, a look that I have tried to put forward in the design. The church is actually based on a photo I took of St George’s church in Poynton, and I’ve tried to add a slightly mediterranean feel with the little hamlet on the left. The grape leaf and vine design at the top came from the customers initial idea of having a bottle of wine and two glasses; we think this is much more subtle and adds a really nice decorative element to the sign. ( The focus of the design changed when the customers came to see us, and I was in the middle of painting our ‘Oast House’ swinging sign ). Looking forward to seeing this pub style sign in situ, I think it will really suit the village feel of the street the restaurant is on.

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