Village Sign

Allington Sign imageHere’s a large village sign we recently produced for Allington, Lincolnshire. The parish council ran a competition to design a sign for the village, and the winning image was sent to us in sketch form. The final piece is pretty true to the original drawing – I made a couple of alterations to add strength in a few places, and also altered the perspective of the well to suit the scene better, but other than that is very much as it was. The design includes various well known local sights such as the old salt well and manor house. The path and walker depicted represents the Viking way, which used to run through the village, and the plant in the foreground is a Teasel, a large thistle that is plentiful in the area. Is great to see a design go from a rough sketch on a piece of paper all the way through to a finished sign like this!

Bespoke Farm Sign

Farm Sign image Bespoke Farm SignA bespoke Farm Sign we designed and made last summer. The brief for the design was to include Swallows, wildflowers and a pond, to reflect the customer’s garden. Drawing the individual Swallows and wildflowers, including Cranesbill Geranium and Oxeye Daisy was straightforward enough, but working out how to show a pond as part of a black silhouette image was far more of a challenge… In the end, I reflected the flower pattern across the diagonal, as if shown in reflection, so the water idea is more of a subtle suggestion rather than literally being pictured. We love how this design has turned out.

The other challenge with producing this bespoke sign was the bracket. It is an unusual one because it is fixed into the dry stone wall, beneath the coping stones. So its got a very unique bracket, mostly hidden from view, welded to the bottom of the sign itself. It is bolted to the wall, and the weight of the coping stones ensure it will be there for a very long time!

Thatched Cottage Sign

Another swinging sign design based on a photo of a customer’s house – a beautiful listed thatched cottage. I found the design quite challenging because the outline of a thatched roof is not a straight line, its very organic, and it was hard to draw a slightly wobbly line without making it look wonky! The rose design around the frame of the sign is based on Roses, to match the name of the cottage. We’re both really pleased with the end result, as was the customer, and it was nice to be painting in such an unusual style of text as well.Bespoke Swinging Sign Image Swinging Sign Image

Wall mounted Name Plate

House Sign Image Name Plate ImageHouse Name Plate Photo

Just packaged this huge wall mounted name plate, another variation on our original Art Nouveau sign. At nearly a metre across its pretty grand! I altered the original design to accomodate the much longer name – the original was ‘Belmont’, and I did the design to fit around the seven letters, so it did need quite a bit of work to suit this customer’s house name.