Black Fox in the press again!

Here’s a link to another article about the story behind Black Fox Metalcraft, this time in the Warrington Guardian. A really nice article! We’ve had a long and busy day today – made a cockerel weathervane for a customer in Bristol, started work on a bespoke flower arranging stand, designed a gothic hanging basket bracket after an enquiry through our website, and also started work on the products for our stand at the Trebaron garden centre.

Black Fox Weathervanes

This is how we spent our weekend – welding up classic car weathervanes ready for the Tatton Park show. Here’s me enjoying a sunday afternoon bending and twisting scrolls, and above is Phiz about to weld the Morris Minor Traveller weathervane together. This was taken, along with the DB5, Austin Healey 3000 and E Type Jag weathervanes, to be electroplated and powder coated. Can’t wait to get them back later in the week!

Fence Post Hanging Basket Bracket

Here’s our latest Black Fox product; a hanging basket bracket designed for fixing to concrete fence posts. We’ve spent weeks debating the best way to make this fixing work – it turns out that all concrete fence posts are slightly different sizes. In the end we decided to use grubs screws to tighten either side of the bracket to the post. Looks like the workshop needs a bit of a tidy, but here’s a photo of Phiz using our new tap & die set to create the threaded holes on the side of the bracket, and me adjusting the laser cut design before welding it all together. Now available in our online shop.

Welding Gates

Here is Phiz hard at work in his lovely orange overalls welding some bespoke gates for a customer in south Manchester. We are making them to match their existing pedestrian gate – I also designed a hanging basket bracket to fit in with the theme. All the visible welds on these gates are TIG, which means they look much neater, are smaller and more precise. We don’t normally make gates, but this has been a really interesting project because of getting all the measurements and angles 100% accurate. They look really high quality already and I can’t wait to see them finished!

Rapidor Mechanical Hacksaw

Rapidor Manchester

This is our big old mechanical hacksaw. The link above shows a video of it at work – cutting the parts for some gates we are making. It’s definitely not the quickest machine we could have bought for this job but we love it. They were originally manufactured in the Atlas works in Levenshulme  by Edward G Herbert LTD, established as a machine tool maker in 1898.


I love Blacksmithing. I did a course last summer, it was fantastic. Heres a photo of me at work. The other photo is of my great great grandfather who was a Blacksmith on the Tatton Park estate in Cheshire. I’m not sure exactly when the photo was taken, but I find it really fascinating and would love to know more about him and his work.


Hand Painting Our Signs

Today I’ve been painting the lettering on our Art Deco swinging sign. We chose a font in a similar style, which I drew on in pencil. Took ages getting it right! I then sanded the powder coated surface using a tiny Dremel attachment in order to give the primer something to stick to. I’ve used a red oxide primer, I actually think the lettering looks really good in red – this might be something to try on another sign? This didn’t take too long to dry, so I then did the first coat in cream. It is still drying now, so will have to finish it tomorrow. I can definitely see why some companies use vinyl stick on lettering, as this process was very time consuming and quite difficult, but its more durable this way and I think the hand painted looks so much classier.  I’m really pleased with how its turned out; the lettering really compliments the Art Deco style of the Morgan and its bracket. Available now (with hand painted text of your choice) in our online shop.