Morgan Metalwork

Swinging Sign Morgan Three wheeler image Morgan 1930's three wheelerLook what somebody brought to our workshop today!! A 1930′s Morgan three wheeler. Beautiful car, the owner has had it since the late sixties. Our four wheeled Morgan design has been quite popular recently; the photo above is the latest addition to our gallery – a small swinging sign mounted above a garage in Cheshire. I took loads of photos of this amazing car today, with the intention of creating a design for a weathervane or sign as soon as I get time. I’m not sure how it will look with only three wheels so I took photos from every angle – I definitely want the engine at the front to be clearly visible, but then not being able to see the full length of the car might look odd. Will have to see what works best!


Fine Spring Weather

There we were thinking the weather was against us, it’s the start of our show season for the year and against all odds it’s snowing… in late March?!  It’s a hard task selling metalwork at shows where a large number of customers don’t make it due to the weather and those that do are virtually too numb to talk.  So you can imagine how pleased we were when this image popped up in our inbox!

Series 1 E-Type weathervane

A Dramatic sky, snow on the roof and the weathervane indicating an easterly wind.

This photo was taken by a customer who received his weathervane as a Christmas present from his daughter.  It’s a great example of the actual functionality of weathervanes.   The snow on the roof and the sail pointing steadfastly to the east, gives a great indication of what is happening.  The moody sky in the background shows the black silhouette perfectly.

Even here at Black Fox we accept that generally weathervanes are firstly considered based on aesthetics and secondly on function but we always make sure ours are correctly balanced to work accurately.  Given the recent bizarre weather we have all been experiencing I guess that weather is on everyone’s mind, I’d think people are checking their weathervanes all over the country at the moment.  It’s good to be able to get this kind of actual connection with the weather rather than depending on the forecasters at the Met Office!



New Classic Car Weathervane

Classic Car weathervane

This is the latest design added to our range of classic car weathervanes. The customer had seen our Morgan weathervane at a classic car show over summer, and wanted an MG TD in a similar style for her fathers birthday. This design picks out the solid rather than spoked wheels that are distinctive to this model. Its great to have this classic British sports car to add to our range, and it can also be produced as a house name or number sign.

New Classic Car Weathervane

Humber 12 WeathervaneHumber 12 Weathervane Close UpHappy New Year to everyone! We’re back in the workshop now after a really nice few days off. The Christmas rush was fantastic and exciting but very glad to be working more normal hours again, and also to have a tidy & organized workshop again! We’ve had several emails from very happy customers which definitely makes all the hard work worthwhile.  Here’s one of our bespoke metalwork designs ordered as a Christmas present – a Humber 12 Weathervane. I think we met this customer at the Tatton Park Classic Car show, which was actually our first show – really nice that he remembered us from the middle of Summer. Most of the classic car weathervanes we have designed have been 1960s cars so we were pleased to be working on a much earlier model, I think its a great addition to our range. We experimented with having the Humber mascot on the front, exactly as it is on the cars, but we decided it would have been far too delicate, and wouldn’t really be visible once its on the roof, so we left it off in the end. This design was a joint effort, and we’re both really happy with it.

We’ve got loads of new designs to upload into the shop over the next few days, and we’ll be planning all the shows for the year ahead which is very exciting :)

Capesthorne Hall, Cheshire

Capesthorne Hall, CheshireOrnate Wrought Iron GatesThis beautiful stately home in Cheshire is where we spent our weekend. Despite being a really busy event, it was far from being our most successful show, but we have taken a few orders and will be working on some new bespoke metalwork designs over the next few days.  We exhibited our classic car weathervanes here over summer where we were rained on all day, so was nice to be inside a heated marquee.  Orders include an Alsation House Sign, a miniature swinging sign with our black fox logo design, and another bespoke house name plate with the design yet to be decided. I managed to have  a quick look around the grounds this weekend, I’m glad I did because there is some fantastic Ironwork. These gates are a bit over the top for my personal taste – there can’t be many houses grand enough to suit them, but the amount of work that must have gone into them is very impressive.

I also managed to make a lot of progress with some of the hand painted farm and business signs we’re working on at the moment – the paint dried much quicker here than it has been doing in our freezing cold workshop!

Classic Car Weathervanes Abroad

Austin Healey 3000 WeathervaneWe’ve had two overseas orders this week – both classic car weathervanes! After a feature in a Dutch car magazine, someone has ordered our Austin Healey 3000 weathervane to Holland, and our first ‘hand painted in colour’ Morgan weathervane is going to New York. Fantastic and unusual gifts for a classic car enthusiast. I am really looking forward to painting the Morgan, will be a really nice addition to our portfolio of designs.

In other news, we’re exhibiting at Capesthorne hall in Cheshire this weekend – a Christmas craft fair starting on the Friday night which is a little unusual. We did a classic car show there over summer, where we were rained on for most of the day and as a result it was a very quiet day. We’re in a marquee this weekend at least, hopefully will be a better turn out!

E type Jaguar Weathervanes

Series 1 E Type WeathervaneSeries 3 E type Jaguar WeathervaneAfter our E type Jaguar weathervane was featured in Motorsport magazine, we had a phone call from a lady asking if we could do a series 1 rather than the series 3 that our original design was based on.  So we altered the grill and headlights to match the design of a series 1, and also worked on the angle of the vehicle so that it fits better on the bar, with all its wheels being level.  Both weathervanes are instantly recognisable as being E type Jaguars, and we look forward to expanding our range of classic car weathervanes further. Fantastic Christmas gifts for classic car enthusiasts!

Morris Minor Weathervane

Somebody we met at the Stokesley agriculture show has very kindly posted a link to our website on the Morris Minor owners club site, with a photo of our Morris Minor Traveller weathervane. It has been very much admired at all the shows, and is available as a house sign or coat hooks too. Would make a great Christmas gift for a classic car enthusiast.Morris Minor Weathervane


We’ve also got our store set up on the Home and Garden centre website, where a selection of our weathervanes are available to buy…

E Type Jag Weathervane featured in Motorsport Magazine

Classic Car WeathervaneBlack Fox has been featured in the November issue of Motorsport magazine!  It shows an image of our E – Type Jaguar Weathervane on their ‘desirables’ page – basically a page of really cool high quality classic car themed gifts.

And now we are just packaging the latest cockerel weathervane order, to be sent out on Monday with a couple of house sign orders.  The van is packed up ready for the Eskdale Agriculture Show – its a much smaller event than Stokesley but still really looking forward to it.