Ducks House Sign

Ducks Sign photoOur laser cut Ducks house sign insitu. The customer asked for a family of Mallards as the design for a hand painted house name sign, and I added a small patch of reeds and bits of grass to complete the scene. When I sent the initial design over, the only change they asked for was to add the distinctive curled tail feathers to the male, which was no problem. It looks great, thanks for sending this in!

Bespoke House Signs

Giraffe number plate Shiba Inu Fox & Duck House name sign imageThree new house name and number plates; all bespoke designs sent out last week. The wisteria was by far the most difficult.. the customer had sent us photos of her beautiful pergola covered in Wisteria, but getting the flowers to look right and be recognisable in silhouette form was far from easy! I love Alpacas so was delighted when she phoned to commission this design. I think our favourite of the three is the Giraffe, Elephant and Acacia tree; originally the design idea just involved the two animals, but the tree frames the image so nicely, and helps to create a typically African scene. The middle design was thankfully quite a straightforward one, as the customer knew exactly what she wanted and provided a really clear image of her dog to work from; a Shiba Inu.

Triumph Bonneville

Motorbike ImageA really nice photo to add to our gallery; a Triumph Bonneville with a matching house number plate in the background. Well sort of matching, the house number plate design is based on a much more modern bike, and was one of the first designs I did. Its been quite a popular one, though more as a house name /  number plate than a weathervane design. Look forward to creating a weathervane based on a classic Bonneville soon…

Tractor Weathervanes and Signs

A couple of new Tractor metalwork designs to be added to the website today.. A New Holland house number sign and a Fordson Major weathervane. Both of these started off as one off custom designs for people; the New Holland was an enquiry through the website and the Fordson was someone we spoke to at the Cheshire show.Fordson Major Weathervane Tractor Name Sign

I’ve spent a bit of time over the last couple of days updating the House and Farm signs section of the website as it was getting a bit chaotic and disorganised with the number of new designs we’ve produced. Let us know what you think by commenting on this post – we want to make the website as easy to navigate and as user friendly as possible! As we grow further over the coming months we’ll probably add subcategories too, as we have with the weathervanes. We’ve got a magazine advert coming out tomorrow in ‘Homes and Gardens’ Magazine, so hopefully will get plenty of work from that to keep us busy..

Dachshund House Name Plate

Metal House Name plate image Photo of Dachshund Name plateOur second design for a Dachshund House Name Plate.. The customer contacted us through the website asking for the Dachshund silhouette to be in a design similar to our logo. We’ve done this before for a Border Collie farm sign design, around this time last year I think, so I was able to swap the dogs over, and alter the height of the vines a little, allowing for the much shorter legs of the Dachshund.

Our range of house name and number plates, traditional swinging signs and farm signs has grown so much over the past year that I’ll be spending the afternoon organising this section of the website as its starting to look a bit chaotic! Several new designs to upload over the next couple of days too, including a Fordson Major Weathervane that we are both really pleased with.


Morgan Metalwork

Swinging Sign Morgan Three wheeler image Morgan 1930's three wheelerLook what somebody brought to our workshop today!! A 1930′s Morgan three wheeler. Beautiful car, the owner has had it since the late sixties. Our four wheeled Morgan design has been quite popular recently; the photo above is the latest addition to our gallery – a small swinging sign mounted above a garage in Cheshire. I took loads of photos of this amazing car today, with the intention of creating a design for a weathervane or sign as soon as I get time. I’m not sure how it will look with only three wheels so I took photos from every angle – I definitely want the engine at the front to be clearly visible, but then not being able to see the full length of the car might look odd. Will have to see what works best!


Flying Scotsman House Number

Flying Scotsman ImageI started work on this design several months ago, so was really pleased when a lady ordered it at the Riverside steam rally as a present for her father. I was a bit concerned that the length of the design would dwarf the number ’41′, leaving a big empty space either side, but not at all, we think it looks great! I wish we had got more of these cut, I’d love to see it as part of our display. This design is also available as a weathervane – please contact us if you are interested.

So onto the next steam rally up in Chipping this weekend – a full three days in a very beautiful part of the country. It’s not far from where we did the Hodder Valley Agriculture show last September. That was quite a success for us; hoping this will be too!


Sheepdog Farm Sign

Sheepdog Farm SignWe sent out this house name and number plate yesterday to a customer we met at an agriculture show in Derbyshire at the end of last summer. They loved our ‘Black Fox Metalcraft’ swinging sign, and wanted a similar design wall mounted featuring a Border Collie. It’s based on our logo and is similar in style to a swinging farm sign we produced recently.

We exhibited at our first show of the year on Sunday – a farmers market and craft fair in Littleborough. We were outside with the farmers rather than inside with the craft stalls, and in about the most exposed location possible. The rain and show was horizontal and we had no sides on our gazebo. Unsurprisingly there weren’t too many people about, so was not the most successful show we’ve ever done!

Alsatian Weathervanes & House Signs

German Shepherd House Number SignGerman Shepherd WeathervaneThis was originally a bespoke design ordered at the Capesthorne Hall craft fair just before Christmas. With our house number signs, we normally weld the numbers on from the back, but on this occasion the customer asked for them to be  hand painted on much larger, as her driveway was quite long and she wanted people to be able to read the number from the road. The design shows the distinctive silhouette of an Alsatian, or German Shepherd stood in a patch of ferns. We can produce a bespoke design like this based on any breed of dog for a weathervane or house sign, please contact us for more information. We also think this design would make a fantastic ‘Beware of the Dog’ Sign.

Tall Ship House Number Plate

Tall Ship House Number PlateHere’s our latest house number plate design – based on The Lord Nelson Tall Ship. It’s a bespoke design that is now available in our online shop.  I’m in the process of painting red and green outlines around the numbers to represent Port and Starboard. We love this design and are really looking forward to delivering it to our customers on Wednesday! It’s quite a tall image and think it would look fantastic on a weathervane.